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 Academy Researches

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PostSubject: Academy Researches   Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:00 am

Quote :
The Shifter 2012-05-28 22:02

Research is done in the Academy. Here you will research different land and naval units and other technologies to help speed up production, cut costs, etc. Each technology costs Research Points. You receive 4 Research Points for every level of the Academy you have built.

You would need 190 Research Points to research every technology available. With a maxed Academy you have 120 Research Points to spend. If you build a Library you receive an additional 12 RP for a total of 132. You must pick and choose which technology you want carefully.

Go to Research for more detailed information.

Must Have Techs
Academy Levels 1-3
(4) Slingers - to attack and farm other players
(Cool Archers - to farm villages and for defense
Academy Levels 4-6
(Cool Hoplites - good offense/defense, for conquests, slow but better stats than chariots
Academy Levels 7-9
(3) Booty - your units carry 30% more resources
Academy Levels 10-12
(Cool Horsemen - great farmers and offensive units
(4) Trainer - your barracks works 10% faster
Academy Levels 13-15
(Cool Bireme - defensive ship great for protecting harbor
Academy Levels 16-18
(Cool Light Ship - offensive ship great for naval attacks
(4) Conscription - cost of land units reduced by 10%
(6) Shipwright - your harbor works 10% faster
Academy Levels 19-21
Academy Levels 22-24
(0) Colony Ship - must have to settle a 2nd city
(4) Plow - instantaneously receive 200 free population
(6) Bunks - +6 transport and light transport capacity
Academy Levels 25-27
(9) Phalanx - 10% attack/defend bonus to your troops
(6) Mathematics - cost of ships reduced by 10%
Academy Levels 28-30
(10)Battering Ram - 10% attack/defend bonus to your ships
(0) Conquest - must have to conquer another players city and make it yours
Total: (96) pts.

Techs You Should Skip
(4) Ceramics - warehouse can store an additional 2500 resources (extra storage unnecessary)
(6) Architecture - cost of buildings lowered by 10% (Useless after city is built up)
(4) Crane - increases building speed in Senate by 10% (Useless after city is built up)
(4) Meteorology - foot troops move 10% faster
(6) Cryptography - an enemy spy will need over 20% more silver than you to succeed
(6) Democracy - it takes only 10% longer for an enemy to conquest one of your cities
(6) Breakthrough - enables special attack that will protect more transports in an attack but sacrifice 50% of naval attack power
(Cool Trireme - handles both offense and defense but less efficiently
Total: (44) pts.

These techs either come far too late in the Academy to really do much good or just aren't worth the cost of the Research Points they require. If you do research them you can remove them at the cost of a culture point each.

Where To Put the Rest
After researching all the must-have techs, you will still have 26 points (38 with Library) to spend among 50 points of these techs which can help specialize your polis in certain areas:

(3) City Guard - You gain an extra 5 militia per farm level
Rationale: This tech can significantly increase the size of your militia up to a max of 375 vs. 250. You'll pick off 50% more of the attacker's troops. Only worth it if you are repeatedly attacked and are usually online to activate militia

(3) Diplomacy - You can bring farming village mood down an extra 20% without resistance
Rationale: This tech doesn't let you farm twice as often because mood will still recover at the same rate and if you farm at a lower mood the mood will decrease more, but if you farm infrequently you can gain more resources at a time

(4) Demand Troops - You can choose to demand troops instead of resources when farming
Rationale: While the resources you gain from archer/horsemen farming can build more troops than you receive from this, it is possible to receive troops you haven't researched and can supplement a barracks queue with immediate troops

(Cool Chariot - Enables the building of chariots
Rationale: An offensive/defensive troop with overall stats/cost/build time per pop unit worse than hoplites but their speed makes them versatile for farming and sneak attacks

(Cool Fire Ships - A defense-only ship that always kills one-to-one
Rationale: Fast and cheap to build, especially useful against larger forces, but does not attack enemy transports, slow

(Cool Catapult - Tears down enemy walls
Rationale: Extremely useful in farming other players to get rid of pesky walls that pick off your farming troops but their slow speed almost forces them to be sent by sea

(Cool Light Transport Boat - Transports less troops at faster speeds
Rationale: Almost twice the speed of regular transports but carries half the troops, however this can be offset by bunks (see below), good if you need to move troops faster

(Cool Cartography - Ships travel 10% faster
Rationale: Only research if faster movement of ships is very important to your playing style

Resetting a technology means you no longer have that technology and are refunded the Research Points it cost. This can be a valuable tool in case you've made a mistake in research, are not happy with something you've researched, or no longer need the technology. Resetting costs 1 culture point.
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Academy Researches
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