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PostSubject: Conquering   Wed Jun 20, 2012 8:00 am

Quote :
The Shifter 2012-05-28 21:37

Choosing a City


When choosing a city to conquer, it is best that the city not be any of the following:

less then 750 points
In this case, you will want to Colonize a city on an island with Farming villages
Owned by another alliance

Unless you are at war with them, you do not want to incite any diplomatic incidents
Owned by a much larger player

If you only conquer one of a player's cities, then they might retaliate using the rest of their cities

Too small

If the city is too small, then you should probably wait

too far away from you

If a city is too far away, you will not be able to use the cities to support one another

On the same island as one of you other cities

You can not farm efficiently with 2+ cities on the same island

Claimed by an alliance mate

Usually it is possible to 'claim' cities to conquer in your alliance forums, if someone else has already claimed a city, you should not go for it.

Basically, you want a city that will not cause too great of consequences, but is large enough for it to have been worth it to conquer. Remember, there is no way to abandon a city, so once you have a city, you are stuck with it until it is conquered by someone else.

Preparations to conquer

Before you actually conquer a city, there are many things you will have to do. These include making sure that you are allowed to take the city, that the city is cleared, etc.

Clearing a city
Before conquering a city, you will need to clear it, or kill all of the troops occupying the city. In order to do this, you must go about this process:

spy on the city to find out how much resistance you will meet
attack the city with appropriate forces to destroy all of the troops in the city
After this, you just need to make sure that the city stays cleared of troops.

Claiming a city
Usually alliances will have some sort of way to claim cities. To claim a city means that you say that you are going to conquer it, if you do not claim a city then you may end up having your colony ship accidentally destroyed by an alliance member, you may actually get punished by your leaders, etcetera.

Building a Colony Ship
You must build a colony ship to conquer a city, this might take some time because you need to collect up 10000 of each resource and then wait around 12 hours to build it, so make sure you have built it before continuing onwards.

The conquering process

Now we come to the exciting part, the victim is cleared, you have your Colony Ship ready and you want to do the actual conquering. Here is the order of events:

Send an few attacks which are meant to make sure that all the troops of the city are cleared
time a C-Ship to land a few minutes after the clearing attacks, this might mean sending the C-Ship before you even send off the clearing attacks
Time a lot of support waves of defensive troops to arrive right after your C-SHip lands
24 hours after the C-Ship lands, the city is yours, supposing that you were able to prevent it from being taken from you.
Timing attacks
You want to keep your attacks as close together and decisive as possible.

During the conquer
There will be a 24 hour period after your C-Ship successfully lands that you will be vulnerable to attack. If an attack on the city manages to kill either all of your land or all of your navy, then your Colony Ship will be destroyed, the conquer broken, and your remaining troops will come home.
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