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January 2019
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 Defending from attack No#2

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PostSubject: Defending from attack No#2   Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:57 am

Quote :
The Shifter 2012-05-28 22:07

These are your Swordsman and Archers. These guys are pure defensive units meaning they are meant strictly for defense and do their job quite well. These guys will and should make up the bulk of your defense, and don’t cost too much to build back up when you take a hit or two. Also you can include Hoplites and Chariots in this list. Unlike the other two, these two units are great for defence And attacking and are best used to take out the enemies cavalry. They are a bit pricier than swordsmen/archers, but are also an essential part of any great defence.

I will also mention another unit. These are not built, but rather given to you from the beginning. Militia. These are some heavy duty guys and can easily be activated from your farm. They cannot be used to attack, only defend and can be improved with the City Guard tech from a level 4 Academy and a high farm level. With a maxed out farm and the tech combined you can get 375 of these strong defenders at a click of the button. Their only downsides are that they only last for 3hrs and whilst active halve your resource collection rate, however these downsides are greatly outweighed by their defensive abilities.

The next part of your defense is your wall. A wall can take out units by itself, which is why sometimes you will notice that when you attack a city that has no units in, you will still occasionally lose units. The wall ultimately should always be kept upto it's maximum strength of lv.25. This is because firstly- the wall will kill more units by itself at a higher level. But also secondly, it will give a much better advantage to its defending troops at a higher level too. Obviously when you first create a city, a lvl.25 wall is going to take some time and resources to accomplish but do always keep it in the forefront of your mind. Luckily, there are only two ways at your attackers disposal to bring your wall down. Earthquake, which is a Poseidon cast miracle which is both mana costly and largely innafectual at bringing a wall all the way down. And Catapults. This latter unit in large numbers can bring your wall down from 25 to 0 in one attack, however this will only happen if all your defenders are dead as Catapults are incredibly vulnerable to most units.

Biremes are the best defence against conquest. If they can't get their transports and CS through to the city they can't take it! In the city itself Swords, Archers, Hoplites and Chariots are your main defensive units.

When you help an ally by divine invocations never cast city protection, it does not help our member or ally. It hinders them as it stops us casting chariots or patroness on an ally to help them defeat enemy soldiers that do get through the harbour full of biremes.

Should you come under attack....

Post the name of the city coming under attack,
Which god that city worships,
The name in bbcodes of the player attacking you,
The time of arrival by UTC+1 time.
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Defending from attack No#2
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