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PostSubject: Abbreviations   Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:57 am

Quote :
The Shifter 2012-05-28 21:58

Game mechanics
def - defense/defensive (eg. an archer is a def unit).
off - offense/offensive (eg. cavalry is an off unit).
def city - A city with only defensive units.
off city - A city with only offensive units.
farm vill - A farming village, may also be called NPC village (Non-player controlled) or barb(arian) village.
farm - A city controlled by another player which you attack for resources.
suicide - Kill your own troops in order to free population.
res - Resources.
PA - Premium Account. Do not confuse with Personal Alliance.
PP - Premium Player, an alternative to PA to avoid confusion.
spell - An act of divine favour from the Gods, eg. Poseidon's 'Kingly Gift'.
bolt - Zues' 'Lightning Bolt' favour, also referring to a strategy of having many alliance members 'bolt' an enemy city without sending any real troop attacks.
BP - Beginners protection, the first few days after joining a world when you cannot be attacked.
BP - BP can also mean battle points which are gained from killing enemy units.
BPA - Battle points attack, BP gained from attacking.
BPD - Battle points defense, BP gained from defending.
wall spy - To check your wall before a battle, where the units you have killed are listed, and to check after the battle (if none of your troops survived), to see how many more troops you killed.
VP - Victory Procession

LS/Lights - Light ships.
FS/fires - Fire ships.
brims/Birs - Biremes.
sword(s) - Swordsmen.
hop(s) - Hoplites.
CS/C-ship - Colony ship.
Cats - Catapults.
PA - Personal alliance, another player you are personally allied to independent of your alliance. Do not confuse with with Premium Account.
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