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January 2019
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Strategy (Offense or Defense)
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 Strategy (Offense or Defense)

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PostSubject: Strategy (Offense or Defense)   Wed Jun 20, 2012 7:55 am

Quote :
The Shifter 2012-05-28 21:34

Strategy (Offense or Defense)

Now that you know what each unit does, this is a perfect time to discuss strategy. Most experienced players always choose a strategy for each village. Some strategies are quite advanced and wacky, although for their first village they mainly choose between 2 strategies, offence or defence.

Why choose a strategy? Mainly, its because it is hard to have an effective hybrid (offence and defence mixed) village in Grepolis. You can have one with no problem, though strategically, it wouldn't be able to overthrow huge armies in offence or defence and will struggle to get you far. Specialising your village however either in offence or defence will mean maximum effectiveness against armies of the opposite type.

So, the two strategies. Offence first. If you aim to build an offence village, concentrate on building offence units such as Slingers and Horses, as well as refraining from using defence units such as archers. Naval units should be transport ships (to move troops to different islands) and light ships for the best attack.

Meanwhile, in a defence village, you should train defensive units such as archers, swords and chariots, whilst staying away from horses and slingers. Naval units should be transport ships (to move troops to different islands to support allies) and biremes.

You may also later on wish to build your village buildings differently. For example, building a wall to a high level 20 or so to get maximum defence effectiveness, or barracks to build troops more quickly. Its all your choice!
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Strategy (Offense or Defense)
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